December 2012

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Best of 2012

Our biggest "best" list ever. From the hottest new bands to swoon-worthy shoes, our editors round up the best our city has to offer.

gene juarez best haircut in seattle
The best places in Seattle for haircuts, mani/pedis and massages, plus the best salon in the city.
Seattle Magazine
Seattle mag's picks for the best restaurants, shopping, sports and arts in 2012.
Dana Standish
Will Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan Update finally make Seattle streets inviting for cyclists?
Dana Standish
Booktrope’s cofounders are establishing a team-based approach to publishing and marketing new books.
Tomten Seattle band
Chris Estey
Music expert Chris Estey helps us pick the best emerging bands from Seattle’s crowded 2012 scene.
Joey Bra
Seattle Magazine
A few of the most shocking and biggest forehead-slapping fiascos that happened in Seattle in 2012.
Seattle Magazine
Meet the 62 biggest power players of our city, including the editors' pick for person of the year.
shopping in seattle
Our editors picked their favorite local boutiques for men and women's clothing, gifts and more.
Knute Berger
This San Francisco hedge fund manager who won the hearts of Sonics fans is our man of the year.
Shannon O'Leary
Some of our favorite modes for illuminating those pesky dark nooks and crannies.