March 2013

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Find out which 15 boroughs we named as the best neighborhoods in Seattle. Plus, see how your 'hood ranked on our "Happiness Index." 

Coastal Kitchen’s new oyster bar capitol hill restaurants
Allison Austin Scheff
This Capitol Hill staple closed and reopened with some improvements.
Next Door website for neighbors
Lisa Wogan
A pair of neighborly websites help build community at the micro level.
Allison Austin Scheff
Joule and The Whale Wins join the growing trend of restaurants finding strength in numbers.
lightcatcher in bellingham
Erin Bosetti
The Lightcatcher in Bellingham showcases the work of Jim Olson
Mallory Peterson
A sexy dance craze slinks into Seattle.
bellevue art museum cats
Brangien Davis
Bellevue Arts Museum herds 155 cats into a fortuitous new exhibit.
Lisa Wogan
Advice for the new girl.
burien best seattle neighborhoods to live
Cody Bay
A folksy—and affordable—small town only 10 minutes from downtown Seattle.
hilliard's beer in ballard
Rachel Hart
Comfortably cool.
Ali Brownrigg
Fashion and jewelry trends we noticed on the runway this season.