Seattle's Lundgren Monuments in the News

Lundgren Monuments Greg Lundgren
Greg Lundgren, founder of Lundgren Monuments, photographed for Seattle magazine

Seattle's own Lundgren Monuments is in The New York Times this week, spotlighted for a collaboration with local architect Tom Kundig on a sleek and stylish urn. Yes, urn.

In case you don't know, Lundgren Monuments is a First Hill-based store where you can buy creative caskets, urns and other memorials for the dead made by artists (and sometimes out of unusual materials like Legos or fabric). The store/gallery is the brainchild of Seattle artist Greg Lundgren, who believes people can stand to think a little differently about death.

Arts & culture editor Brangien Davis profiled Lundgren in a recent issue of Seattle magazine. An excerpt from that article:

While Lundgren loves the idea of subsidizing the local art community with commissioned urns, he also hopes big creative names will consider the memorial market. “So many people have designer brands—Martha Stewart will design your whole damn life,” he says, “but when it comes to death, you’re abandoned.” He’s frustrated by the disconnect.

“Look at the arc of someone’s life,” he says. “They go from a person of style to being put in an anonymous container. It’s an injustice.” Why not instead choose the option of an urn or casket designed by Gucci, Tiffany or Coach? “It’s a natural evolution, just beyond the flatware line,” Lundgren says. “If Chanel made an urn? It would be huge.”

Read more about Lundgren Monuments and see examples of other creative urns here.