10 Fabulous & Inspiring Outdoor Living Spaces Around Seattle

Lauren Mang
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A water feature and firepit by Alderwood Landscaping

The serious sun and warm temps have us dreaming of perfect, lounge-worthy outdoor spaces (not to mention we're furiously wrapping up our July issue, which features even more dreamy outdoor living areas). So we called upon our friends over at Porch.com (read more about the Seattle-based site in our July issue, too!) to scour their project photo archives for some of the most fabulous and inspiring outdoor living spaces. Herewith, feast your eyes on 10 snapshots of backyards, patios, pools, firepits and beyond in styles that suit just about everyone.

Garden, Pool and Spa by Darwin Webb Landscape Architecture

Project: http://porch.com/pros/darwin-webb-landscape-architects-p-s--1


Cedar Park by Colleen Knowles Interior Design

Project: http://porch.com/projects/cedar-park-1


Lakefront Cabana by Conard Romano

Project: http://porch.com/projects/lakefront-cabana-1?img=39165


Water Feature and Firepit by Alderwood Landscaping

Project: http://porch.com/projects/water-feature-and-firepit-1?img=46421


Gin & Tonic Lookout by Castanes Architects PS

Project: http://porch.com/projects/gin-tonic-lookout-2?img=968019


Holmes Point Remodel by Prentiss Architects

Project: http://porch.com/projects/holmes-point-remodel-1?img=38839


Woodway Manor
by Gelotte Hommas

Project: http://porch.com/projects/woodway-manor?img=865461


Port Ludlow by FINNE Architects

Project: http://porch.com/projects/port-ludlow-1?img=39454


Outdoor Living and Landscapes by Alderwood Landscaping

Project: http://porch.com/projects/outdoo-living-and-landscapes-3?img=46405


Lakefront House & Garden by Darwin Webb Landscape Architecture

Project: http://porch.com/projects/pujalet-2?img=914849