10 Things to Know About Bell + Whete, Opening in Belltown This Summer

Julien Perry
Bell + Whete opening in Belltown summer 2014

The team behind Local 360 is opening another restaurant in Belltown this summer called Bell + Whete (“wheat”). It’s going into the ground floor of the 206 Bell Apartments, near the corner of 2nd and Bell, sometime this summer (July is the goal). And today, after weeks of teasing, they’ve finally let the cat out of the bag on who their new chef is going to be.

Here are 10 things to know: 

  • Forrest Brunton, most recently the executive chef of Linda Derschang’s restaurants, is taking on the role of chef. “For Bell + Whete specifically, I am excited to be using a lot of game, making sausages in house, and foie gras terrine,” says Brunton, who also served time at Golden Beetle, Tilth, Quinn’s, Restaurant Zoe and Lola.
  • Inspired by the Normans, Bell + Whete’s focus will be modern interpretations of Old World dishes (pottage with fried bread, roasted fowl, house cured ham and sausages, pork knuckles…you get the idea). Very meat heavy. Think boar, ox and venison.
  • In preparation for this throwback menu, Forrest has been researching, refining and diligently scouring early recipes and learning lost techniques.
  • The bar will be a well-rounded one, with extensive beer and hard cider, “respectable wines,” whiskey and other spirits.
  • The long L-shaped bar will be fairly large, seating around 20. Not inlcuding private dining, Bell + Whete will be about a 100-seat restaurant, making it one of the larger dining rooms in Belltown.
  • The aesthetic will be similar to Local 360 in the sense that there’ll be a lot of wood, but it will be finished, dark wood. 
  • There’s a 40-person patio in the works.
  • In addition to their regular menu Bell + Whete will offer a nightly 3-course tasting menu for $30.
  • Bell + Whete’s website is secretly up and running (but not complete) if you want a sneak peek. You can also find updates on its Facebook page.