10 Things to Know About Ericka Burke's Canal Market, Opening This Summer

Julien Perry

Just like her Capitol Hill counterpart John Sundstrom, Ericka Burke is re-emerging with three new projects this year. And also like Sundstrom, it’s all happening nearly a decade after opening her first Seattle restaurant, Volunteer Park Café.

Not only is she opening a café and juice bar in the new Chophouse Row development on Capitol Hill later this year (look for more information in our September fall preview issue), but now she has announced a third project — Canal Market, expected to open in Portage Bay this summer (2919 Fuhrman Ave. E.).

Here are 10 things to know:

  • Burke wants Canal Market to be the quintessential neighborhood market (so trendy!), “a meeting place for neighbors to catch up over a cup of coffee, quickly grab a bottle of wine, and shop for dinner,” she says. 
  • There will also be groceries, household essentials and specialty gift items.
  • Canal Market is taking a cue from Little House on the Prairie days and offering house accounts.
  • The market will be 3,000-square-feet, housing a large deli offering made-to-order sandwiches, salads, cheese and charcuteries, as well as a breakfast buffet in the mornings (toast bar!). 
  • There will also be an espresso bar (Slate Coffee) and fresh pressed juices.
  • Burke is super stoked about juices these days. “It’s funny how everything comes full-circle. I started my career in New York, I had a small place called Sweet Potato in the early 90’s, when organic and all that stuff was on the rise; it was basically a juice bar and like little healthy foods. I’m so excited about juice now!
  • Canal Market will have organic rotisserie chickens cooking all day long, in addition to prepared meals, beer and wine, and (of course) a growler fill station. 
  • July Floral will be maintaining a garden and flower area featuring potted plants, custom arrangement and the like. 
  • Hours of operation will be daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
  • As to why all of the sudden she’s getting back into the restaurant game, Burke tells me, “I’m at a place now at Volunteer Park Cafe where I can go off and do some other projects and not have to worry about my baby.”