LISTEN: Seattle Mag's 2011 Summer Mixtape

Seattle magazine arts editor Brangien Davis scoured the local soundscape for a baker's dozen of the best warm-weather songs recently released by Seattle bands of note. Stream the videos here (via YouTube), then support local music by buying the songs from iTunes. Happy Summer! 

Track Listing:
1. Campfire OK: "Strange Like We Are"
2. Lemolo: "Open Air"
3. "Awesome": "The Boy from Lam Kien"
4. Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground: "Oh, Lord, I
Hate You California"
5. Seapony: "Dreaming"
6. The Cave Singers: "Swim Club"
7. The Head and the Heart: "Lost in My Mind"
8. Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers: "The Running Kind"
9. Fleet Foxes: "Lorelai"
10. The Lonely Forest: "We Sing in Time"
11. The Young Evils: "Get Over It"
12. Say Hi: "Take Ya Dancin'"
13. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: "My Oh My"