2bar Spirits Vodka Hits Shelves at Trader Joe's and More Distillery News

A.J. Rathbun
2bar Spirits' bourbon will now be released monthly

The weather is changing (though hopefully it settles on “changing for the better” soon) and the local cocktail lover’s landscape is also changing (definitely for the better). While the below isn’t a complete list of recent distillery happenings by any means, these highlights are the type of news that will make any drinker smile.

Capitol Vodka: Made by a local company contracting with Sun Liquor, Capitol Vodka is designed to be a value product that doesn’t sacrifice for flavor – making it an ideal way to stock your home bar (or neighborhood bar) with a local spirit for less. Distilled gently with Seattle's best water in a copper pot still, the vodka is filtered through organic cotton and two charcoal filters, giving it a smooth nature underlined by a smidge of sweetness. It is being followed soon by Citizen Gin and a rum, both of which will also provide great value and good taste. Look for Capitol Vodka in local stores. 

Westland First Peated Single Malt Whiskey: We recently published an article profiling single malt American whiskey makers in Washington, including Westland Distillery, which recently expanded its line with a limited-edition First Peated single malt whiskey. Made from a combination of super smoky, heavily peated barley malt and the distiller’s signature Washington Select pale malt, this is a whiskey that rivals the classic peat-driven ones made around the world. Its taste is rich and layered and delivers a wide range of flavors, mingling chocolate and a campfire, spice, citrus, cherry and more. It’s a whiskey to be savored.

Bluewater’s Organic 100 Proof Vodka: The new high-proof vodka from Bluewater was distilled in small-batch copper kettles from 100 percent organic wheat. It boasts a straightforward and clear flavor, much like its regular 80 proof vodka, with spice and vanilla accents, making it a serious base for cocktails that can stand the muscle. But the higher proof is also perfect as the base for homemade infusions and liqueurs, which are awfully fun to make (if you need a little help getting started, you might like my book Luscious Liqueurs: 50 Recipes for Sublime and Spirited Infusions to Sip and Savor). 

2bar Bourbon Goes Monthly, Vodka Goes to Trader Joe’s: 2bar Spirits' beloved bourbon has been to date a bit irregular in its release patterns (making it harder to track down), but now it's moving to a more regular schedule. It’s still only coming out in small batches, but at least they’ll be more of this tasty butterscotchy, vanilla-y bourbon. I suggest signing up for 2bar's mailing list to be sure you get a bottle. Also, its gold-medal-winning 2bar vodka–100 percent crafted from high-quality ingredients including all Washington wheat, and naturally gluten free– is as of this week available in all 15 statewide Trader Joe’s stores, making it easy to get great vodka.