365 and New Seasons Up Seattle's Grocery Game

More market options in Seattle? Truly super

We know Seattleites love their locally owned grocery stores—Metropolitan Market, PCC, Town & Country and Red Apple—the same way they love their neighborhood restaurants. But now, two new shops are joining our grocery landscape (plus an Amazon grocery pick-up location in Ballard and an Uwajimaya seafood and Asian grab-and-go outpost in South Lake Union are on the horizon), and they’re hoping to snag your loyalty. On November 10, Portland-based natural grocer New Seasons Market (which Portlandians worship) will open its first Puget Sound–area store in the former Albertsons location on Mercer Island, with a second store scheduled to open in Ballard (at 907 NW Ballard Way) next fall. In Bellevue, Whole Foods Market is hoping to shake its “Whole Paycheck” reputation with one of the country’s first 365 by Whole Foods Markets, a new, millennial-friendly concept focused on a larger selection of its wallet-friendly Everyday Value line of items (opened in September in a portion of the former JCPenney in Bellevue Square). Whole Foods plans to open about 10 more 365 stores in 2017. Shoppers hoping for Bellevue Square’s signature free parking can breathe easy. We’re already in love.

Shop New Seasons, Mercer Island, 2755 77th Ave. SE; 206.232.2577; newseasonsmarket.com

Vibe PCC meets QFC; about 25 percent of products from Oregon Washington, and northern California, plus “classic favorites” Diet Coke, Oreos and others

How organic? 75 percent of produce is natural or organically farmed; all meat and poultry are free of antibiotics and artificial hormones

Special selection Large selection of kosher foods; more than 150 new local vendors (rejoice, fans of Rusty’s Famous Cheesecake) 

Loyalty program No rewards card, but price breaks on seasonal items (such as local ice cream) and email newsletter with heads-up on sales and store events

On-site dining Eight beers on draft and Washington wines by the glass; Fire & Flame, a Latin-American rotisserie chicken station

Shop 365 by Whole Foods Bellevue, 10200 NE Fourth St., in former JCPenney at Bellevue Square; 365bywfm.com

Vibe  Like the original, but with a curated selection of new and familiar items from the 365 Everyday Value line, plus shopping-mall convenience

How organic? Same practices and standards as Whole Foods: no products with artificial dyes, nitrates or high fructose corn syrup 

Special selection 400 wines for less than $20 a bottle; new, fresh, Trader Joe’s–like (read: affordable) grab-and-go selections 

Loyalty program My 365 Rewards, a digital and personalized rewards card that gets you deals and discounts on items you buy frequently 

On-site dining The fast, casual Wild Ginger Kitchen (yes, that Wild Ginger), serving rice and noodle bowls for dine-in or takeout

New Skincare Company, 3B, Delivers Beauty by the Boxful

New Skincare Company, 3B, Delivers Beauty by the Boxful

A Seattle-based skin care company brings beauty breakthroughs to your door
Goodies from a 3B beauty box

Ke Chen, cofounder of 3B (Beauty Beyond Borders), says skin care in Asia is approached the same way the French think about food. “It’s an art form,” she says. Chen, whose Seattle-based subscription beauty box company launched last year, says this “art form” can include a 10-step cleansing ritual and feature innovative, exotic ingredients like bee venom and snail mucus to soothe and repair skin.


Chen has found that obtaining these elite Asian skin care products stateside takes time and research, which is why she’s offering them via a home subscription service ($15/month), which delivers a collection of Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese skin care samples, such as the Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion from Taiwan and Leaders’ 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti-Pollution Mask from South Korea. When subscribers find a product they can’t live without, they can shop for the full-size product on 3B’s website (the3bbox.com).

Local and national focus groups of bloggers, YouTubers and beauty influencers help Chen keep up on Asian skin care trends and determine what ends up in the boxes. You could say that 3B has skin in this game.