4 Better St. Patrick’s Day Drinks to Sip This Year

A.J. Rathbun
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As one of the holidays that tends to be celebrated with rollicking parties, St. Patrick’s Day sadly isn’t usually accompanied by delicious drinks. Rather, there’s usually some artificially colored beer sloshing about. But you can help change this trend, and show that you really appreciate the day, the saint and the Irish by serving some tastier Irish-inspired drinks. You should also use tasty Irish products in your drinks, which is why all these utilize Clontarf 1014 Irish whiskey, a triple-distilled, bourbon barrel-aged blended beauty with a honey and nutty flavor highlighted by oak and citrus. If you can track it down, it’s a perfect St. Pat’s whiskey. Herewith, four better-than-green-beer drinks to make for this St. Paddy's Day.

The Dublin 8
This recipe from Good Spirits was created by one of the best bartenders in the Midwest (maybe the best), Jeremy Sidener, who is the bar manager at the wonderful 8th Street Taproom in Lawrence, Kan. Be sure and stop in if you’re ever nearby.

Ice cubes
2 ounces Clontarf 1014 Irish whiskey
3 ounces freshly squeezed orange juice
3 ounces chilled ginger ale or ginger beer
Lime quarter for garnish
Lime slice for garnish

1. Fill a highball glass, or similarly-sized glass, three quarters up with ice cubes. Add the whiskey.

2. Add the orange juice and ginger ale, at the same time

3. Squeeze a lime wedge over the glass, and then drop it in. Stir gently. Garnish with the slice of lime.

The Snake Banisher Cocktail
This pays homage to one of Saint Patrick’s major feats, as well utilizing another nice Irish product, Celtic Honey liqueur. Inspired by an ancient recipe, this liqueur in lore and story brings luck as well as rich taste that comes from its ingredient list: local Irish honey, spring water, Irish whiskey and secret herbs.

Cracked ice
2 ounces Clontarf 1014 Irish whiskey
3/4 ounce Celtic Honey liqueur
1/4 ounce Punt e’ Mes
2 dashes Scrappy’s Saville Orange bitters

1. Fill a cocktail shaker or mixing glass halfway full with cracked ice. Add everything. Stir well.

2. Strain into a cocktail glass. Start banishing snakes.

Chamomile Fairy
This is a nice choice if the temperature starts to drop, because it’s a real warmer-upper, both through the whiskey and hot tea that make up the two main ingredients. This recipe is from Dark Spirits.

2 ounces Clontarf 1014 Irish whiskey
1/2 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 ounce simple syrup
4 ounces freshly brewed chamomile tea
Lemon slice, for garnish 

1. Add the Irish whiskey, lemon juice, and simple syrup to a mug or other insulated glass. Stir once.

2. Pour in the tea. Stir well, and garnish with the lemon slice and a twinkle in your eye.

Irish Rickey
The Rickey is a classic drink family, most well-known for the Gin Rickey. But other Rickeys are also pleasant, and also have that little smooch of savoir faire. I think the Irish Rickey is delightful to imbibe from St. Paddy’s Day until the setting sun on August 31, as it’s super refreshing. This recipe is also from Dark Spirits.

Ice cubes
2-1/2 ounces Clontarf 1014 Irish whiskey
1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
1/2 ounce simple syrup
Chilled club soda
Lime wedge, for garnish

1. Fill a highball glass halfway full with ice cubes. Add the whiskey, juice, and simple syrup. Stir once.

2. Fill the glass with club soda, squeeze the lime wedge over it, and drop it in. Stir well.