7 Green Foods That Are Better Than Getting Pinched on St. Paddy's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is on Monday, and rather than round up the best places to drink beer, we’re going green  with our favorite hued food, that is. We can’t guarantee eating these delicious verdant viands will keep you from getting pinched, but they are so delicious, you won’t even care.

1. Corned lamb salad at Revel

Consistently one of the best salads in town, this spicy, minty, meaty plate is equal parts fresh and fermented flavors. While your friends may be eating corned beef, we suggest you skip out on that deal and get a little gamier. Unlike whatever else you do on March 17, you won’t regret this. 403 N. 36th St.; 206.547.2040; revelseattle.com 

2. Ricotta and nettle spread at The London Plane

All the dips, salads, and dishes at London Plane are delicious, but this one is especially fine. The creamy spread gets vegetal notes from stinging nettles, and it all goes great on their fresh made, hearty, chewy, perfect bread (which, while not green, is delicious). 300 Occidental Ave. S.; 206.624.1374; thelondonplaneseattle.com

3. Mukhaddara at Cafe Munir

The spicy, roasted poblano pepper dip is just one of the dozen appetizers you must try immediately at the tiny Turkish neighborhooder. With pistachios and mint adding fresh and smooth textures to the spread, you won’t mind the burn. 2408 N.W. 80th St.; 206.783.4190; cafemunir.com

4. Green curry at Thai Curry Simple

If you still haven’t been to TCS, you’re seriously missing out. All of their curries are packed with perfectly developed flavors, but the green is one of the best. Chicken, bamboo shoots, eggplant, and lime leaf balance the spicy notes perfectly. Go for lunch and take home a packet of paste to try your hand at home. 406 5th Ave. S.; 206.327.4838; thaicurrysimple.com

5. Clover roll at Blue C Sushi

Served only for a limited run (March 16-18), the special roll is stuffed with smoked salmon, crab salad, and cucumber, and topped with avocado, wasabi mayo, and fried kale. Because why would you not add fried kale to everything you eat. Multiple locations; bluecsushi.com 

6. Sauteed spinach with garlic at Din Tai Fung

When you come up for air from the xiaolongbao, dig into the sauteed spinach (the bok choy is great, too) for a little veggie repping. The garlic doesn’t overpower the tender greens, which are cooked just until wilted, leaving enough nutrients to make you feel like you did good. Two locations: Bellevue and University Village. 2621 N.E. 46th St.; 206.525.0958; dintaifungusa.com

7. Avocado margarita at Nacho Borracho

Okay, so it’s not exactly a food, but there is avocado in it to give this limey blended margarita a super creamy texture. Spinning all day and night in an old school slushie machine, these beauties are just unique enough to make the headache you’ll get from drinking these too fast, worth it. 209 Broadway E.; 206.466.2434; nachoborrachoseattle.com

Do you have a favorite green dish that we somehow missed? Feel free to let us know about it in the comments!