Aardvark Curry Bus on Kickstarter

See the potential? Dan Wood does.

Last winter I introduced you to my favorite Snoqualmie Pass lunch stop, the Aardvark Curry Trailer. I've got a soft spot for folks who live their passion, and Dan's the happiest guy cooking out of a trailer I've ever met. His curry bowls are a huge hit with boarders, skiers and snowshoers, but he's outgrown his tiny digs. Wood's hoping to move into a real kitchen, one he intends to build inside a train. Well, part of a train.

Born in Korea and raised in Spokane, Wood he found the transition to life state-side living difficult. "I was the older son with three brothers and barely enough English to carry a conversation. It was difficult to find or make friends during this era, so my mother would cook up these hybrid meals punctuated with exotic oils, spices and sauces. She would open the doors and windows and have the aromas waft into the street, and the neighbor children would come over and my mother would offer them a bowl of her fragrant morsels. We made new friends that summer. My mother instilled in me that food breaks all barriers." 

Last year, Wood found a 1930's Pullman dining car that he's been refabbing. But he's in need of cash, and soon.

If you feel so inclined, and especially if you've suffered the dearth of good food at the Pass, consider a donation to his Kickstarter. (The video's worth a look, either way.)