Scoop Blog Archive / October 2008

Orpheus and Eurydice at On the Boards

What cosmic forces are drawing artists to Orpheus and Eurydice these days? Are we all feeling pulled toward the underworld of late? Is it the economy? Whatever the reason, we're getting a lot of O & E around here, which is fine by me. I recently saw Sarah Ruhl's take on the ancient Greek myth, "Eurydice," at ACT Theatre, which was modernized in a lovely way--gorgeously staged, funny and quite moving. Read more »

McLeod Residence to Close

Bummer news just in from the always quirky, always innovative McCleod Residence. Read the gory details here.

Here's hoping they'll find a new space soon...and that someone can take over their lease. Anybody looking for a hip Belltown space outfitted with a bar and fleur de lis wallpaper.

Smarty Pants' owners to open Hudson

Do you love the honkin', melty, drippy, delicious sandwiches at Georgetown's biker bar, Smarty Pants? Um, me neither (except for the Pit Boss: ham, swiss, bacon and pepperoncinis, and about four other sandwiches, but other than that...) 
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Spotlight on Local Writers and Artists

See in person the innovative writers and artists showcased in our October literary issue. Authors Stacey Levine, Brian McGuigan, Richard Farr and Matthew Simmons will be joined by our our Spotlight Award Winners (filmmaker Lynn Shelton, sculptor Diem Chau, cellist Paul Rucker, performance artist Lucia Neare, and choreographer Zoe Scofield). The theme of the evening is "debate," so writers and artists will face off with presidential flair! Read more »