Scoop Blog Archive / March 2009

Talcum Moves to The Baltic Room Tonight

Talcum, Capitol Hill’s Northern Soul dance night, moves to The Baltic Room (1207 Pine St.; 625.4444) room this evening.

The new location is good news for Cap Hill soul fans left in limbo when Talcum's former venue, King Cobra, closed last month.
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Karen Johnson's Interview with Herself

Night owls and culture vultures, meet Seattle magazine’s voice of the hard-working, hard-playing crowd, Karen Johnson. By day, Karen brings the world of Seattle mag to the wide-world of the Web as online editor. By night, she is on the hunt for the must-know affordable/fabulous/can’t-miss things to-do and places to go in Seattle. To help you get to know Karen, we grilled her on the ins and outs of Seattle’s young and restless scene.

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Seattle PI to Resemble Huffington Post?

A New York Times article published today focused more on the Hearst Corporation's push to reinvent the PI as a online-only publication. The Web-only edition of the newspaper will resemble more of a Huffington Post model, NYT reporsts, a political news Web site filled mostly with commentary and advice from bloggers, with less emphasis on original reporting. Read more »

Welcome to My Glamorous, Food-Stained World

I have never had a blog before. To be honest, I've never had time for a blog before. I still don't have time, but this is the era of tweets, posts, blurgs, blips and blops (whatever) so here I am, boldly going where this woman has not gone before, ready to clear the smoke and shatter the mirrors we working moms have carefully staged to make it seem like We Can Do It All. (In fact, I wonder if we have an iphone app for our blog software so I can blog while I'm at my son's orthdontist appointments?) Read more »