Scoop Blog Archive / May 2009

Holy Shorts! Day 4: Faith in Shorts Restored

After the recent grueling set of experimental shorts, the batch of short films I watched last night was refreshingly okay! Nothing during the 3 hours of films either sucked outright or made me feel like I was going to have a stroke. Several were quite good, actually. Read more »

Holy Shorts! Day 3: A Plea for Humans

I like to think of myself as an open minded person. In fact I usually prefer outsider and edgy art to mainstream, traditionally "pretty" things. But "Short in the Dark," the collection of short films I watched last night (as part of the 100+ I am watching as a SIFF short film juror) caused me to throw all that into question and just beg for something pretty. Read more »

Holy Shorts! Day 2: Blood, Sex and A Giant Mall

I felt like I made some solid progress in my shorts-film-aganza last night. Read more »

Holy Shorts! So Many Short Films, So Little Time

Yesterday afternoon, at the end of the gloriously sunny three-day weekend, I stepped out of SIFF's Fly Filmmaking Challenge (at which local filmmaker Bao Tran was a standout) and bumped into SIFF artisic director Carl Spence. Read more »

Project Runway: The Penguin Edition

The penguins are on the march! Read more »