Scoop Blog Archive / May 2009

SIFF Opens and Offers a Way-Cool iPhone App

I attended SIFF's jam-packed opening at the Paramount last night, which featured a pretty funny British mockumentary (In the Loop), a Mayor's Award for Lynn Shelton (and her soaring success), and a lot of thankful speeches (perhaps too many...then again, SIFF has a lot of people to thank). I'm told the post-screening party food was fabu but the crowd was so thick I couldn't get to it (and I was starving, so I slipped out to forage for a meal elsewhere). Read more »


Seattle vs. Portland: Which City Reigns Supreme?

In our February issue, we gave readers "Five Reasons NOT to Move to Portland" (apparently ruffling a few feathers in the process). Always looking for a good debate, we were flattered by the ensuing response from Portland Monthly, which recently published its own retaliatory list with five reasons why Portland "kicks ass&qu Read more »


Muppet Rawk at Ouch My Eye gallery

There are three reasons I love the recently opened Occhio coffee shop in SoDo. First, they serve Stumptown Coffee, which is, simply, nectar of the gods. Second--actually, maybe this is first--they are located really close to our office, so where we were previously limited to office coffee or Krispy Kreme's $.05/cup joe (not sure which is the lesser of the two evils there) we suddenly find ourselves blessed with easy access to Stumptown. Read more »

Pomegranate Bistro Owner Gets Bride Mag Nod

Local caterer and Pomegranate Bistro owner, Lisa Dupar, received a national nod this month in Modern Bride magazine which called out her culinary talents in its 25 Trendsetters of the Year Awards. Dupar--a quintessential Seattle caterer who has received many accolades from Seattle mag and Seattle Bride--is known for working with couples to create signature menus ripe with individual flair. Read more »

Jazz Hands! NW High School Bands Win Top Honors

Not to toot our own horns, but why shouldn’t we? Last month, we wrote about the fierce Garfield/Roosevelt high school jazz band rivalry continued at this month’s Essentially Ellington competition. Read more »