Scoop Blog Archive / May 2009

Seattle Sports: Best of the Worst

Maybe we were just in denial or maybe we just didn’t realize how bad things really were, but now thanks to Forbes magazine it’s time to face the truth: Seattle is America’s Most Miserable Sports City. Read more »

NW Getaways: A Journey to Yakima's Wine Country

With the arrival of spring, local vineyards have been revived from their winter slumber, which can only mean one thing – ‘tis the season to be tasting!

I’ve never been a fan of road trips. Something about the idea of being trapped in a car for several hours sends me into a nail-biting frenzy. However, no amount of anxiety can hinder my passion for traveling – especially when a vacation’s headline reads: Weekend indulgence of velvety Washington wines.  Read more »

And The 2009 Seamless in Seattle Winners Are

Twenty-four contestants, 20 esteemed judges and 13 looks on the runway at the Thaw Fashion Show later, we can finally announce the 2009 Seamless in Seattle winners. Seattle magazine congratulates our winning emerging, student and bridal designers:

Emerging Designers
Renee Corrick, Six Degrees: Most Innovative Collection Read more »

First Class Food Paired With Canned Beer

Above: Tilth Chef Maria Hines drinks from a Tecate at the NW James Bears Nominees dinner in April.

While I enjoy my fair share of $4 pints of microbrews and $15 bottles of Belgian ales, I have a major soft spot for beer in can. From PBR to local faves like Rainier and Olympia (okay, not locally made these days, but you catch my drift), I’ve always felt that beer in a can has a versatility (light-weight, easy to transport and recycle) and affordability that makes it hard to resist. Read more »

Arts Minute: Watch the Humpday Trailer Online

Seattle filmmaker extraordinaire Lynn Shelton continues her skyrocketing success with her latest film, Humpday, about two old friends (straight guys) who decide to make a porno together (gay sex). It's hilarious and smart and packed with both philosophical questions and wince-tastic moments. (I saw it months ago and still think about it regularly.) Picked up by Magnolia pictures, the film will receive national release in mid July—but you can see it at SIFF before then, or Cannes, if you happen to be in France May 13-24. Read more »