Scoop Blog Archive / June 2009

Perfectly Polished

Now that summer is officially upon us (the first day was June 21st) and the sun is making an extended stay, we can finally pull out the bright colors, happy sundresses, flip flops and tanks. Julep Nail Parlor (multiple locations, including 1427 5th Avenue in downtown Seattle and a new locale in Bellevue) must be a similarly happy mood, debuting a fun, colorful line of polish colors to go along with your summer wardrobe. Read more »


Debra Baxter Defies Physics at Howard House

I first met Seattle artist Debra Baxter four or five years ago at one of the most excellent dance parties I've ever attended in the city. It was held in a warehouse/office/showroom/artist space in SoDo, and was thrown by genius local lighting designer (and incredibly nice guy) Bradley Sweek of Flux. It was one of those parties where you drive somewhere kind of odd and park somewhere kind of odder, and as you're stepping over broken bottles and squinting at address numbers on buildings you think, this is SO not going to be worth it... Read more »


The Best Rent Money Ever Spent

How you gonna pay last year’s rent? This year’s rent? Next year’s rent?

Broadway’s Tony award-winning musical, Rent, is now playing at the Paramount Theatre through June 21. You want to see it (you need to see it!), but how you can afford a ticket and still pay your rent?!? You aren’t as broke as the characters in the musical, but you also don't want to eat Ramen noodles for a month in order to buy tickets! Read more »

Six Things You Can't Say in Seattle

Knute Berger's "Six Things You Can't Say in Seattle" has garnered plenty of kudos from locals tired of explaining to out of towners exactly what Seattle is all about.

In case you missed his column in our May issue, here's a recap of Knute's six commandments:
1. “Recycling is a hassle.”
2. “Bellevue’s pretty cool.” Read more »

Liz Who? A Secretary

Local and national politicos are having a laugh at the expense of a secretary on Rep. Jim McDermott’s staff. The hilarious discourse started when an aide at a D.C. lobbying firm accidentally referred to McDermott’s scheduling aide, Elizabeth Becton, as a “Liz.”

Here’s a sample of the converation from Read more »