Scoop Blog Archive / June 2009

The Corner: 23rd and Union

Tom Robbins' Rock-star Return to Seattle

In your twenties, you are the master of being cool (if only in your mind!). Then you look in the mirror one day and there is a full-fledged adult staring back at you! You have a career, 2.5 kids, furniture and even a few gray hairs. You can’t help but wonder whether your coolness went the way of legwarmers and hacky sacks.

No need to worry and create more gray hairs. After seeing local celebrity author Tom Robbins, there is no doubt that coolness is a state of mind without an expiration date! Read more »

Holy Shorts! Day 5, 6, 7 and We Have A Winner!

Phew! After watching 1163 minutes of short films over the course of 7 evenings last week, I am happy to report that my fellow jurors and I were able to choose three winners (and two runners up) for SIFF's ShortsFest... without too much fist fighting. We began our deliberations last night at 9pm, after the final short film showcase. By that point we had all watched alllllll the films and had our personal Top 10 lists in each of the three categories (Documentary, Animation, Narrative) at the ready. Read more »