Scoop Blog Archive / September 2009

NW Getaways: Another Twilight Opportunity

Twilight fever is reaching ever higher in anticipation of New Moon, the second movie in the series, due in theaters in a little more than a month. If treading the ground covered by Bella and Edward in Forks doesn’t sate your thirst for all things vampire, start saving your pennies now for the ultimate Twilight tour – the Twilight Trails adventure offered by Intrepid Travel. Read more »

Fashion: Dueling September Issues

The rumors are true: Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour is one blunt lady. Last night, I snuck out to the Seattle premier of RJ Cutler’s fascinating documentary about the woman behind the biggest fashion magazine in the world, The September Issue. In short, it’s fascinating to watch the creative process behind Vogue’s biggest issue of the year, how they decide what trends to feature, the amazingly-produced photo shoots and waiting to see what Wintour will like and what she just hates. Read more »

Photo of the Week: Cool New iPhone App

Professional photographers look out -- a new iPhone app makes editing and sharing photos easier than ever

“What good is a picture if you don’t share it?” asks Chase Jarvis, a Seattle-based photographer. We at Seattle mag agree. Which is why every Wednesday we'll be featuring a photo of the week here on our Scoop blog. Read more »

The David Barton Project: A New Word for Sore

You know how when you say a word over and over again, it starts to sound foreign and kind of loses its meaning? After completing week one of my training, I need a new word for "sore." I also need help walking up and down stairs and lifting my arms above my shoulders. I’m in pain here, people.

I’m not gonna lie, week one was not easy. So, to recap….. 

Things I hate: lunges, interval sprinting on a treadmill, lunges, and the plank. Also, lunges. Did I mention those?  Read more »

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