Scoop Blog Archive / September 2009

Fashion & Shopping: 5 Things to Do at the Bravern

Whether you're in the mood to spend big or to window shop, the Bravern is the place to be this weekend. The luxury shopping center opens this weekend, upping the local fashion anty with new stores from Neiman Marcus, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch and more. Here are five reasons from our edit team on why you should visit the Bravern: Read more »

Fashion: Neiman Marcus Gala Style

For a town the nation associates with fleece and hiking boots, Seattle can pull out some serious style for the right occasion. Last night, Neiman Marcus in Bellevue hosted a black tie gala to celebrate its opening (today!) and Seattle mag staffers (including editorial director Rachel Hart, fabulously dressed managing editor Virginia Smyth and advertising director John Spear) spotted an array of fashion-forward styles, from the incredibly chic to slightly audacious. If you missed out on the Twitter feed last night, here are a few of the stand-out pics. Read more »

Shopping: Sneak Peek at the Bravern

Seattle mag's staff took a Bellevue road trip yesterday to check out the Bravern. From Neiman Marcus to Hermes, and Tory Burch, this shopping center is upping the local luxury anty one brand at a time. We'll have a complete rundown on the shopping center tomorrow, but for now, here's some behind the scenes footage to hold you over. Read more »

Style Preview: Fashion First

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and in fitting fashion, Seattle's designers debut their fall looks Thursday, September 17th during the 6th annual Fashion First show. Featuring the winning designers from our Seamless in Seattle contest (as well as looks from Le Ree, Oslo’s and The Finerie), executive director (and designer shoe aficionado) Joan Kelly ducks away from planning for a minute to reveal her favorite new looks and Fashion First designers that have the tough critic swooning: Read more »

Shopping: The Most Beautiful Soap Ever

Rachel Hart

I am not in the camp of buying pretty soap only to have it set out and have it collect dust for years. Life is too short and as a result, luxe soaps have long been my little indulgences. So I just have to share this amazing soap that my son's teacher from last year gave me. Read more »