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The Weekend Must List: November 27-29

Editor's note: This week, we're giving you our Weekend Must List a day early so you can nail down the perfect Thanksgiving weekend itinerary.

Spaced Out: The Final Frontier in Album Covers

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Thanksgiving recipes:Spring Hill's oyster stuffing

Pacific oyster and apple stuffing
by chef Mark Fuller

1 lb day old bread, crust removed, cubed and dried in the oven at 250F
6 oz fresh chorizo, cooked weight. Seek out a really good sausage maker or make it yourself.
1 doz kumomoto oysters, shuck and reserve liquor

2oz unsalted butter
4oz green apple, diced
4oz yellow onion, diced
2oz celery, diced

1oz flat leaf parsley, chopped
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Outdoors Tuesday: Dust Off the Skis & Snowboards

Sneak Peak: Eastlake's Cicchetti

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Mobile Chowdown Round II January 9

Marination's spicy pork taco was crowned the nations "Best Food Cart in America" by Good Morning America this weekend. The award comes as no surprise to fans of the Korean-Hawaiian taco truck. Our staff has been gobbling down Marination's Kalua pork sliders and kalbi tacos since co-owners Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison started serving bites from their mobile menu five months ago. Read more »