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A Sneak Peek at Emmer and Rye (opening Jan. 28th)


Emmer and Rye opens this Thursday, Jan. 28th

Exactly a month after announcing that a restaurant lease has been signed for a spot on Queen Anne, chef Seth Caswell’s long-awaited Emmer & Rye restaurant is (almost) open for business. Read more »

A Chat With Martha (Yes, THAT Martha)

Teriyaki, people. Martha Stewart wants to talk to me about teriyaki.

Wha? Huh? No, I've got no expertise on the matter. I like the stuff as much as the next gal for everyday convenience: it's cheap, good enough, quick. I grew up here, so I grew up on it. But no one is more dumbfounded yet excited than I am to talk to her majesty Martha than I am, and if teriyaki's the topic, then so be it. Frankly, I'd talk to her about tuna casserole. I mean, this is Martha Stewart we're talking about. (Do you think she'll be nice to me?) Read more »

Get a Fresh Perspective

A Sweet Delivery from Trophy Cupcakes


Need a special delivery of a dozen or two cupcakes for an office birthday? Or even just one cupcake to a friend who's feeling a little down? Now, Trophy Cupcakes will deliver their sweet treats right to your door. There's no minimum purchase, and delivery rates are based on your area code. (Approximately $10 delivery charge if you live in the Seattle or Bellevue area.)

Same-day delivery is guaranteed if you place your order by 3pm. Read more »

What does it take to be a Master Chef contestant?

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