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The Weekly Must List: May 27 - June 2

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Harboring Noxious Weeds?

I was recently contacted by the King County Noxious Weed Control Program because one of their staffers had identified Garlic Mustard, a seemingly innocuos little flowering plant that was not so slowly making huge and unwelcome inroads into our region's flora, growing on my property. Read more »

Ethan Stowell to Close Union, Open New Resto

Even more breaking food news today! (click here for earlier news about Sitka & Spruce and Flying Fish)

 We'd heard rumors that Ethan Stowell would be closing the doors of Union sometime this year. Today we received news that it's indeed official: Union will close Saturday, May 29. Read more »

Seamless in Seattle: 2010 Winners

After an inspiring, light-hearted day of presentations last Friday (at one point, fashion correspondent Joan Kelly tried to squeeze into one of Molly Griffith’s exquisite corsets) and much deliberation, we’ve selected the 2010 winners of Seamless in Seattle.

The following seven designers will make their runway debut at Fashion First on September 16, and will be featured in their own package in our September issue. Congrats to: 

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SIFF Begins! Checking in with Carl Spence

Jenise Silva has been attending the Seattle International Film Festival for more than a decade—logging in more than 100 films viewed in some years. She's been attending other film festivals for more than two decades including the Toronto International Film Festival, the Montreal Film Festival, Sundance and Tribeca. Jenise has also served on film programming committees for several organizations including Cinema Center (Fort Wayne, IN), the Festival of New Canadian Cinema (Indianapolis) and Three Dollar Bill for the Lesbian and Gay Film Fest Read more »