Scoop Blog Archive / March 2011

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

(Steve gets deep)
Find out how to prepare perfectly roasted potatoes and get tips on enticing kids to eat more vegetables all in the same video! Printable tips and recipe?  Click here. Read more »

Food Event: See Super Star Chef Grant Achatz tonight

Chef Grant Achatz (pronounced AK-etz) is a visionary, multi-award-winning chef/owner of Chicago’s Alinea, a foodie fave and an inspiration at age 36 who lost the ability to taste – and nearly his life – from tongue cancer several years ago. His health and incredibly-tuned sense of taste are back, thanks to a progressive treatment program at the University of Chicago. He worked the kitchen through the chemo and now he’s opening a second restaurant, Next, and a lounge, Aviary, in Chicago. Read more »

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan: How to Help by Dining Out in Seattle

It seems that people and food come together in times of great tragedy. This week, Seattle restaurants have begun announcing various dinners and specials to help fundraise for Japan disaster relief. Here’s our roundup of local restaurants donating all or a portion of their proceeds to aid our neighbors to the East.

3/15/2011 (TODAY)

Blue C Sushi
All six locations
10% of profits to benefit the American Red Cross Read more »


Outdoors: Put On Your Sailing Shoes

Roddy Scheer
Sailboat at Sunset off Golden Gardens, Seattle

How can you live in Seattle -- right between the ocean and the lake -- and not know how to sail? Now is your chance to make it right. Read more »

Modernist Cuisine, and My Conversation with Nathan Myhrvold

The anatomy of lobster

In the fall, as we worked on our February celebration of nerds (see the Nerd Issue), it fell to me to interview Nathan Myhrvold, the man behind Modernist Cuisine, the 2,438 page, six volume tome that aims to be the first, last and every word in between on molecular gastronomy. Only, don't call it that I was warned. Read more »