Scoop Blog Archive / July 2011

Grilled Vegetable Salad with Sweet Poppy seed Dressing

(Darrell missed the talk)
Sun promised for the weekend. FInally grilling weather, eh? Sear some  zucchini, portobella mushrooms, eggplant and red pepper. Toss with fresh salad greens, feta and a mustardy sweet dressing for pleasing summer meal. Printable recipe?  Click here. Read more »

Brangien's Weekend Arts Round Up

Troy Gua's installation at Mad Homes

I'll be making my second appearance on New Day Northwest tomorrow (11 a.m. on King 5), filling in for ArtZone arts maven Nancy Guppy, and giving viewers a to-do list of arty events this weekend. It's supposed to be sunny (yeah, I'll believe it when I see it), so most of them are outdoors. Tune in to hear what I think is especially wonderful about these artful opportunities. Links to more info are below. Read more »

Must Watch: Tour de France at Cafe Presse

Belly up to the bar at Cafe Presse to watch Tour de France coverage beginning at 7 a.m. through Saturday

If you're a Francophile or a bicyclist, you've probably spent at least some time this month watching men in spandex race their way through the French countryside. Lucky for Tour de France fans, Cafe Presse is offering up a much needed escape from bite-sized ESPN recaps. Starting at 7 a.m. Read more »


Food News: Street Food Coup for Mobile Vendors

Seattle City Council approved a bill today that would allow local food trucks to do business on city streets (under the old rules, mobile food  vendors were required to operate from private lots). What does all of this mean for the every day diner? Here's hoping it leads to more on-the-go menus citywide.


Overcome Your Open Water Fears

Kelly Singer
My husband helped me overcome my open water fears for my first triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. It turns out sea turtles don't bite.

Endurance sports like triathlons are the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry.  The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association study from 2010 shows that 1,208,000 Americans participated in at least one triathlon in 2009 (a 51 percent growth from 2007). While more and more people from a variety of backgrounds are participating in the sport, there are still many people hesitant to sign up because of the swimming portion of the race. Read more »