Scoop Blog Archive / March 2012

Kickin' Boot Whiskey Kitchen Bringing Southern 'Cue and Steaks to Ballard in June

The future dining room of Kickin' Boot Whiskey Kitchen; will the disco ball remain?

Ballard's in the midst of a barbecue boom: Recent newcomers Bitterroot, RoRo (which took over the old Zesto's location), and the Boar's Nest (which replaced the short-lived Seattle Burger Co.) join long timer Smokin' Pete's. Read more »

The Must List, featuring Edible Books, Late-Night Shopping and Keri Healey's Latest

West Seattle Junction’s Spring Fling Read more »

How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

When frosting has been cleaned from tired little faces and sugar-charged playmates have been sent on their way, what remains at your house or party place is this: a small mountain of disposable paper products galore, from streamers and plates to pinatas and pizza boxes, all destined for the trash after one-time use. Before you give in to the birthday carbon footprint stomp, read on.  Read more »

"Safety Not Guaranteed" Trailer is Finally Here! (And Seattle Mag is in it!)

Well, our conference room is in it.

Set in Seattle, Safety Not Guaranteed follows aspiring journalists who work for Seattle magazine (teehee!). A writer and his interns set out to write a story about a man who thinks he has discovered time travel, and heartwarming shenanigans inevitably ensue. Several scenes from the film were shot on location in Seattle mag headquarters in SoDo. A few staffers even stood in as extras; it will be exciting see who made the final cut. Read more »

5 Sophisticated Spring Break Cocktails

A.J. Rathbun

Spring Break, for many, conjures up visions of snockered college kids carrying around drinks with names that could make a sailor blush and, worse, taste of gasoline mixed with bad perfume. And while we might make fun of these scantily-clad, sandy revelers, I’ll bet many readers feel a twinge of sadness when spring break starts and southern beaches around the country begin to fill. Read more »