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Women's Soccer, SIFF, Strawberries and More Weekend Musts

Sounders Women Home Opener
Thursday (5/31) -  There’s another Sounders team in town that deserves your “scarves-up!” attention: the Sounders Women. After generating off-season buzz by signing national team player (and former Husky star) Hope Solo, the women kick off the home opener against the Colorado Rush tonight. Say it with us: Gooooal! p.s. If you miss home opener, check out one of the many home games in June. Read more »


Spirits for Sale: Get Your Booze at Big Chain Stores Tomorrow

A tempting display at a Seattle Safeway store

Ready your jumbo-size shopping carts, Washington State's new liquor privatization law goes into effect on Friday, June 1; and local stores aren't wasting any time preparing their displays.

Looking for a unique recipe to celebrate (or commiserate over) this watershed cultural shift? Regular Seattle mag contributor and spirits expert A.J. Rathbun has excellent recipes for after-dinner and before-dinner cocktails, all on the Seattle mag blog. Read more »


Can the Community Make a Difference in the face of Recent Shootings?

Seattle Police Assistant Chief Paul McDonagh

The Seattle Police assistant chief comments on the recent rash of shootings in Seattle. King 5 asks what's being done to curb the violence and how community members can help. For ongoing coverage, visit Read more »


Rovers, Luc Chef Thierry Rautureau Returns for Chance to Be Top Chef Master

Nope, you're not having déjà vu: Thierry Rautureau was indeed on Season 2 of Bravo's Top Chef Masters. And now comes a promo proving The Chef in the Hat is returning to compete on Season 4, which premieres July 25th. Read more »

King Tut Returns to Seattle as Egypt Elects a President

King Tut's Bed
King Tut Slept Here

The press preview for the new King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center began with the customary parade of thanks to partners and sponsors, along with civic boosterism regarding this “marquee event” and the tourist dollars its going to rake in for the city (90,000 tickets have already been sold—claustrophobes, take heed). It all started to blur together, as giant photos of selected Egyptian artifacts looped in a soothing slideshow, over and over, on the immense IMAX screen in the PACCAR theater. Read more »