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10 Things We Learned While Working as Movie Extras

Aubrey Plaza and Jake Johnson in "Safety Not Guaranteed"

Recently, the Seattle mag team piled into a minivan (yep, that’s how we do it) to watch a preview of Safety Not Guaranteed, an adorable romantic comedy about a man’s mysterious mission to find the right partner to travel back in time with him. Bonus: it was shot in Washington state (go film incentive!). Read more »


80 Degrees This Weekend? Hallelujah, Indeed.

Seattle-based "folk project" Tenderfoot

This weekend's weather forecast makes me want to sing along to this Tenderfoot video.


The Stranger's Genius Awards Shortlist Announced

Megan Griffiths
Seattle filmmaker Megan Griffiths

Congrats to the 15 local artists on The Stranger's shortlist for the Genius Awards (released today)! I'm a big fan of this year's list—especially since in past years Seattle mag has selected several of the Genius nominees as winners of our own Spotlight Award. The Genius winners won't be announced until September 22, but meanwhile, you can read up on a few of the nominees via the previous profiles I've written... Read more »


Shopping On a Boat, Mother's Day Ideas and 3 Other Weekend Musts

Mary Lee Hu Choker #87, 2002; Collection of Marion W. Fulk

The Jewelry Art of Mary Lee Hu

Ongoing - Local artist Mary Lee Hu has been hand crafting stunning jewelry for 40 years, weaving gold and silver wire—as if it were thread—into exquisite neckpieces, rings and brooches. More than 90 impossibly fluid designs comprise a glittering retrospective at BAM—the perfect place to go to let Mom know she’s as good as gold. Bonus: the museum is offering 2-for-1 admission on Mother's Day. Read more »


PubliCola Writers Moving Over to Crosscut

It's really too bad that news blog PubliCola is suspending publication. However, we're glad to hear that its senior contributors Josh Feit and Erica C. Barnett will continue to cover news part-time over at Crosscut.

Both Feit and Barnett were included in our "Most Influential People of 2011" list. Here's what Seattle mag contributor Karen Johnson had to say about them then: Read more »