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The Seattleite Who Danced Around the World (For Free?)

Check out this goosebumps-inducing video from Matt Harding, a 35-year-old Seattle resident who, by chance, landed a sponsorship deal that allowed him to travel to all corners of the world badly with people on camera. It's an undeniable feel-good montage.

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Seattle's Top Doctors Gather for a Heartfelt (and Surprising) Evening

BMWs as far as the eye can see at McCaw Hall

The BMW's were thick on the ground at McCaw Hall last night at a gathering of Seattle's most revered surgeons, doctors and global-health superstars. Chauffered by sponsor BMW to the event were some of Seattle mag's Top Doctors Hall of Fame inductees--doctors so amazing, they've been chosen by their peers as the very best for ten years in a row. Read more »


New Distillery Alert! 2 Bar Spirits to Open in Sodo

Cody Bay

For Nathan Kaiser, it's all about the hard work of his grandfather and his grandfather's fathers before him. Five generations of his family worked the land of the 2 Bar Ranch in Texas, which still exists to this day and conjures images of the era when men were men, and by that I mean in a very Marlboro sort of way. Read more »


Seamless in Seattle 2012: The Top 13 Finalists

Did your favorite make it to the second round of the 2012 Seamless in Seattle competition?

The judges' votes have been tallied; the contestants have been given the word; now, see if your favorite designer made the cut. 

The following 13 contestants have been invited back for the second round of judging in the 2012 Seamless in Seattle contest; from these talented designers, who will emerge on top and be featured in our runway show and in the magazine? Stay tuned. (Follow Seamless in Seattle on Facebook for up-to-the-minute updates.)

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Dry Soda, Fonte Makes A Splash At Aspen's Big Food Fete

Leslie Kelly
Dry Soda's Sharelle Klaus

You just never know who you’re going to bump into at the huge Aspen Food & Wine Classic Grand Tasting Tent.

There are hundreds of wineries, scores of food purveyors, not to mention ginormous displays of dazzling gadgets, gizmos and kitchen equipment for the home cook and the pros.

More than 5,000 consumers streamed into the two football-field-size tents several times a day to sip and sup. It was a complete and sweet surprise to find Seattle folks in the house. Read more »