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Whatever You Do, Go Outside This Weekend: A Special Summertime Must List

Stunning sunsets can be witnessed at the base of Alexander Calder's "Eagle" at the Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park Summer Kickoff
Thursday (7/12) - Beginning this week and continuing every Thursday evening through the summer, Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park features a rotating lineup of fun, including food trucks, live music, wine tastings and other special events. This evening, Eduardo Mendonça’s Show Brazil! and the VamoLá Drum & Dance Ensemble bring a Brazilian carnival to the park, accompanied by the sun’s dramatic drop behind the Olympic Mountains. Read more »


Things to Know Before You Ride the Seattle Ferris Wheel

1. If there are only two people in your party, you will probably have to share a pod with strangers. Hopefully you will get paired with a nice, socially competent couple from Mukilteo (like I did). Otherwise, congratulations! You just paid to join a cruel social experiment: Seattle strangers trapped in a glass bubble and forced to make small talk. Don’t bother trying to escape, they lock the doors from the outside.

2. The air conditioning inside those pods is more powerful than any currently offered in Seattle. Bring a sweater. Read more »


Shop the Summer Sidewalk Sales this Weekend

Get ready to pound the pavement: Along with the arrival of glorious weather (yay!), several neighborhood shops are throwing open their doors this weekend and placing their wares outside for the perusing. So enjoy some sun whilst you shop:

West Seattle Read more »


Notes from Tom Douglas Culinary Summer Camp

Leslie Kelly

On Friday, the day after this year’s Tom Douglas Culinary Summer Camp ends, an aching hunger will set in, especially around 10 in the morning when campers realize nobody is feeding them an endless buffet of bites of the amazing food they’ve just seen prepared by a parade of uber-talented chefs starting last Sunday at The Palace Ballroom.

Day 1: crepes for breakfast.
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Grab your Tickets for the August 1 Red, White & Brew

Though it may not be its official moniker, at Seattle mag we view August as “Washington Wine Month” — what with the 25th annual Auction of Washington Wines, the impending grape harvest and the debut of our Best Washington Wines list in the August issue. Read more »