Scoop Blog Archive / August 2012

Roads Scholar: First Look at Seattle's Gigantic Boring Machine

The world's biggest tunnel-boring machine, being assembled in Japan

Just purusing WSDOT's Flikr stream, as I'm wont to do on a sunny holiday-weekend Friday (!), when I came across this cool photo of Seattle's tunnel-boring machine, currently under construction in Japan. When it's finished, it will be the world's biggest, and will be used to dig the SR 99 tunnel beneath downtown Seattle. Expect that boring to start next summer; the tunnel to open in late 2015.


Seattle a Serious Fashion Town? Here's Proof!

Models work the runway at the Seamless in Seattle fashion show

Sick of Seattle's rep of being a backwards fashion town (move on from grunge, America! we did!)? Read more »

Gaga Dance, Bumbershoot and Other Labor Day Weekend Musts

One of the dancers in rehearsal for Ate9's Sally Meets Stu

Sally Meets Stu
For one night only, Israeli choreographer Danielle Agami and her company, Ate9, are taking over Century Ballroom to present an evening-length performance. Sit back, enjoy a drink in Century’s stylish cabaret and watch the vigorous, captivating style of dance known as “Gaga” (which has been around way longer than the Lady by the same name). Read more »


Five Cocktail Recipes That Bring You Summer All Year Long

A.J. Rathbun

Every time summer nears its end in Seattle I think, How did the endless days of sun fade so quickly? Wasn’t it just light at eleven o’clock at night a few days ago? And now you’re telling me that fall is about to start, and soon winter will be here, with its dreary days of gray? Read more »


Roads Scholar: What's So Rapid About This Ride?

Metro's new RapidRide bus
Metro rolls out spiffy new buses. What's in it for you?

Another bright, shiny new innovation as we struggle towards transportation efficiency: Metro's gradual rollout of the new "RapidRide" bus system. Already zipping around on the east side and the south end, some Seattle neighborhoods will soon have this service (details below), and those neighborhoods will rejoice. Why? Read more »