Scoop Blog Archive / October 2012

Boeing's Dreamliner Furnishes a Dreamy Flight to Tokyo

Leslie Helm, editor of our sister magazine Seattle Business, boarded All Nippon Airway's very first Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight to Tokyo this week. Read his account over at the Seattle Biz blog, in which he describes both the ups... Read more »


It's Time Again for Presidential Debate Bingo!

Tonight brings the first of four presidential debates, which will no doubt set the tone for all future water cooler discussion around the Obama vs. Romney political race. Jim Lehrer hosts and the topics have been announced as follows: The Economy, parts 1, 2 and 3 (a new series from George R. R. Martin?), health care, role of government and governing. Read more »


Seattle Bride's Urban Unveiled - Blushing Brides and Serious Bling

Try your luck for T. Anthony Jewelers one-of-a-kind blush ring at Urban Unveiled 2012.

Our sister magazine, Seattle Bride, is producing its first-ever Urban Unveiled on 10.11.12, having acquired the boutique wedding show from dynamic duo True Colors Events earlier this year. Typically, the words "wedding show" don't exactly convey images of opulence, glamour and celebration, but we assure you that Urban Unveiled is not your typical wedding show. Read more »

Where Chefs Go to Eat When Visiting Seattle

Leslie Kelly

A bunch of amazingly talented chefs from around the country have convened in Seattle this week, and while there were plenty of meaty discussions and panels and tastings at the Chef’s Collaborative Sustainable Food Summit, the burning question many asked was, “Where are you going to eat?”

The universal answer seemed to be: There’s not nearly enough time to try everything on everybody’s must-try, can’t-miss list. Read more »


Now Open: Wandering Goose on Capitol Hill and Ha! in Fremont

The Southern restaurant from Heather Earnhardt we've been anticipating since spring (read more here) is finally, finally open. And what a tasty-looking menu! We can't wait to get our hands on an Auntie Annie biscuit sandwich with fried chicken, bread & butter pickles, mustard and honey ($7.50). Read more »