Scoop Blog Archive / October 2012

5 Sweet Dates for Your Culinary Calendar: Oct. 20-24

Leslie Kelly
Mt. Townsend's Seastack Cheese

Where are my fave fat pants? My must-chew calendar is cram-packed with loads of tasty events the next few days and I want to be ready for the inevitable “Fall 5.” (As in lbs., followed by the Winter 10 and the get-ready-for-sleeveless spring season –15.) Here are some sweet and savory dates you might want to check out: Read more »


Mask Making at Marigold and Mint

Channel your own woodland sprite with a mask made from locally sourced botanicals and bright feathers

Do something a little different for Halloween this year and sign yourself or your kiddos up for a mask-making workshop at Melrose Market’s Marigold and Mint. Read more »

EMP Showcases Leather in Fashion Show and Trunk Sale

Expect to see Portland designer Ms. Wood's Leather Fringe Dress and amazing shoes among the looks at EMP's Project Leather

EMP’s new exhibit Worn to Be Wild: The Black Leather Jacket, opens on October 20, and is an exploration of the leather jacket in its many studded, safety pinned and distressed guises. Read more »

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

Go ahead and get cozy in this baby, available at the Pike St. H&M on November 15

The first looks from the Maison Martin Margiela/H&M collab have hit the internet and they're good. Really, really good.  Especially if you go in for the avant-garde, gender-bending, asymmetrical and completely-out-of-the-box style that MMM has been doing for the last 23 years. The best news? The line will be at the Pike St. Read more »


Get an Early Taste of Monte Cristo, a Gourmet Grilled Cheese Truck

The Full Monte: Battered and griddled cinnamon swirl bread with Canadian bacon and a blend of cheeses topped with powdered sugar and fresh-squeezed lime.

Danielle Custer, who old-timers like me remember from her chef jobs at 727 Pine and Fullers in the Sheraton, and who more recently worked at Taste SAM, is launching Monte Cristo, a gourmet grilled cheese truck on Monday, October 22nd at Starbucks in Sodo (for more current whereabouts, visit Monte's website or Twitter page). Read more »