Scoop Blog Archive / January 2013

Cameron Levin is Seeing Ruby Red

Cameron Levin's silk chiffon Ruby Alegrias Dress, $210

Named one of Seattle magazine's Most Influential People of 2012 for her Pink Carpet Project (a response to the Susan G. Komen kerfuffle), Cameron Levin's Ruby collection of pretty and completely wearable tops, dresses, skirts and a legging contains some sweet options for holiday parties—both dressy and casual. Read more »

Green Eileen Store to Open in Columbia City in March 2013

Box up your old Eileen Fisher items for good

Eileen Fisher has been making women look chic and feel good since 1984. The downtown Seattle store has been open for 15 years—and many of the same employees who opened the shop are still working there—which is a testament to how awesome an organization it is. Read more »


Deck Out some Classic Vans and Win $50,000 for High School Arts Programs

The winning designs of Vans 2012 Custom Culture from Rio Rancho High School in New Mexico

I was in fourth grade in 1982, the year “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” came out and while I probably didn’t understand much about the movie, I knew that Spicoli’s black and white checkerboard slip-on Vans were super cool and that I wanted a pair for Christmas, which I got and wore to shreds around Lakeridge Elementary on Mercer Island where I grew up. Read more »

Trend Alert: Meat and Drinks at a Slew of New Charcuterie Bars

Snacking on meats (and cheeses, too) at Cure on Capitol Hill

If three of a kind constitutes a trend, then bars that serve cured, smoked and sliced meats are the new black, at least on Capitol Hill.

First came Cure, the wee bar hidden in the alleyway behind Broadway on Nagle Place, which opened two years back. There, the menu features charcuterie and cheeses, olives and pickles, Euro wines, several beers and cocktails, and folks generally stop in for happy hour or to tipple and nosh a little before a show or for a late-night snack. Read more »