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Hear Local Bands Sound Off, New Treats at Pike Place Market and Other Weekend Musts

the fame riot tacoma bands new music
Tacoma band The Fame Riot is going for gold in EMP’s Sound Off!

The Fame Riot is going for gold in EMP’s Sound Off!
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Trimpin's Hot Pink Pinball Piano

Trimpin seattle artist seattle arts
This kinetic sound machine used to be a piano. See/hear it at Winston Wächter Fine Art through this Saturday.

Only two more days to see Klavier–Stücke (meaning, "piano pieces"), Trimpin’s latest art installation to cleverly blend high-tech gadgetry with deconstructed pianos. The ingenious Seattle-based “sound sculptor” (read more about Trimpin in the profile I wrote for our January issue) has created several pieces for the show. Read more »


Grey City Shoes

Walk easy in these sandals by Seattle's Grey City

Seattle's Grey City has been making shoes since 2011, but they may not be on your radar if you don't tend to wear the enormous platforms that are favored by twenty-somethings these days. (Check out Portland's Solestruck for an education on just how high those platforms can go.) But in addition to chunky, sky-high ankle-breakers, Grey City also makes some very cute, more down-to-earth (as in closer to the ground) styles that I'm just loving right now. Read more »

5 Reasons to Visit Pike Place Market Now

Leslie Kelly
pike place market flowers
Tulips have arrived at Pike Place Market!

Listening to the lame excuses Seattle residents spout about why they do not frequent Pike Place Market gets on my last good nerve. Especially this time of year, when there are few tourists clogging up the walkways and parking spots are easy enough to find.

Here are five damn good reasons why you should go, like right now, to our city’s tastiest treasure: Read more »

Love of Fashion—AIS Student Fashion Show

A sneak peek from the AIS show, Love of Fashion

Tuesday, March 12 is Love of Fashion, the fifteenth annual student fashion show for the Art Institute of Seattle. Not only are the designers students from the school, the whole she-bang is being produced by students.  The show takes place at 8 p.m. at Benaroya Hall and is inspired by Olivier Messiaen’s Turangalîla Symphony, with a special collection, Club Ludo, in honor or Seattle Symphony’s musical director, Ludovic Morlot. Read more »