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At Frye Art Museum, Works Old and New Come Together

frye art museum nicolai fechin paintings
Nicolai Fechin. (Detail) Portrait of a Young Woman, 1912. Oil on canvas. Frye Art Museum, 1990.006

In its latest exhibit, Frye Art Museum continues a previously establish bi-focal approach, opening concurrent shows that explore classic and contemporary works in neighboring galleries. Read more »


War Horse Sneak Peek: Three Men and a Puppet

war horse in seattle
Stars of War Horse: Andrew Veenstra (Albert) with Christopher Mai, Derek Stratton, Rob Laqui (Joey)

Mega-hit War Horse opens at the Paramount Theatre tonight in Seattle (tickets still available; show runs through 2/24).

Based on Michael Morpurgo’s novel about a boy fighting to reunite with his horse after it is sold to the cavalry during World War I, this version of the heartrending story is all about the remarkable puppet magic which brings the horse, "Joey," to life on stage. Read more »


Catching Up with Lizzie Parker

Vogue's special events director, Anne Vincent, in a Lizzie Parker original design.

I’ve followed Issaquah-based designer Lizzie Parker since her store-within-a-store at the now-closed Tweed in Greenwood, which she stocked with her cozy, comfy, sexy, simple and chic brand of cotton jersey-centric ready-to-wear. Since then Parker has opened and closed her own atelier in Gilman Village, become a reality TV star and seen her career take off on a national scale. Read more »

5 Sexy Red Wines for Valentine's Day

Leslie Kelly
best wines valentines day washington wine
Betz Family Winery's 2009 Clos de Betz made it onto our list of Best Red Wines in 2012

So, Valentine’s Day is all about roses and chocolates and sparkling wine, right? Well, that’s a good start, but when it comes time to sit down to a romantic dinner, pour me a sexy red, please.

I want something that’s velvety soft, yet deep and complex. Something that whispers, but says something meaningful. Like about where it’s from. Red wine is my favorite form of armchair travel, transporting my tongue to the rare earth from which the grapes are grown. If it sounds like I’ve been sampling the goods, well, I’m not going to deny it. Read more »


Updated: Local Restaurants Make Valentine's Day Easy

Leslie Kelly
restaurants for valentines day

You got that hot date spot dialed in for Valentine’s Day?

No pressure! (HA!)

The good news is that February 14 is on a Thursday, so it will naturally spill over to February 15, which is going to set us up for a whole Valentine’s Weekend. So many options. But hurry! Your days of booking a table are dwindling down to a precious few. Here are a few (with the newest entries up top): Read more »