Scoop Blog Archive / April 2013

Cocktail Recipe: Summer in Madagascar

A.J. Rathbun
summer cocktail recipe
Balance out the gray-sky blahs with a summery cocktail.

I know the springtime refrain as well as you: April showers bring May flowers. But the April gloomy skies make it hard to stay chipper, even if May blooms are imminent. Read more »

Earth Day 5k: You Are What You Eat

Hey cupcake! If I could eat you all day long, I would!

A few years ago I heard about an archaeological dig in China that unearthed a Chinese woman in her fifties who was so well preserved by her cypress wood tomb layered with clay and charcoal that she was perfectly intact, including her last meal of honeydew melon, the seeds of which were still in her stomach. Read more »


Go Local to the Max

The bees knees. Those little buzzers know what's good in the hood.

Just when you thought buying local couldn’t get any closer to home, it has, and there is already an apt hipster word for it: “uber-local.” As opposed to “local”, which designates food from within roughly 350 miles of the consumer, the term describes food products grown or produced within a radius of only ten miles. Read more »


West Seattle's Sweetie Boutique to Close after Ten Years

So long, Sweetie. This West Seattle Junction shop to close after ten years of cuteness.

I received a sad email today from Joeanna Purdie, owner of West Seattle boutique, Sweetie, with the announcement that after ten years in business, she'll be closing her shop at the end of April. Read more »

The Swans in Rehearsal

As Swan Lake prepares for takeoff at Pacific Northwest Ballet (4/12-4/21), the company is posting some rehearsal videos that are pretty irresistible—in large part because they offer a peek at backstage ballet fashion, which never fails to mesmerize. How do the dancers end up wearing such a colorful mishmash of leotards, tights, heat wraps, flouncy skirts, shrugs and leg warmer-style knitted garments of varying lengths and locations? And how do they come up with such innovative ways to layer them? Read more »