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Who Was James Beard Anyway?

Leslie Kelly
James Beard Foundation Awards
The coveted James Beard Foundation Award

Happy James Beard Day!

On Monday evening, at Lincoln Center in New York City, the biggest names in the food world will walk--no, strut--down the red carpet to the glitzy James Beard Foundation Awards Ceremony, where nominees hope to win an award that’s become known as the culinary equivalent of an Oscar. Ah, the James Beard Foundation Awards, aka The Beards. Read more »


Seattle's Ebbet's Field Flannels Seen in the Movie 42

An American All-Stars 1945 Road Jersey from the Independent Negro League American Allstars

2013 marks the 25th year that Jerry Cohen has been making authentic reproduction sports jerseys in Seattle for his business Ebbet’s Field Flannels, which has a small storefront, open to the public, in Pioneer Square. Read more »


Tanakasan, Assembly Juice and Coffee: New Details on Tom Douglas' Assembly Hall at Via6

Via6, future home to Tom Douglas's Assembly Hall

If you thought Tom Douglas' recent restaurant domination of South Lake Union meant the big guy was done with Downtown, think again. Read more »


New Work at Click! Design That Fits

New gold and concrete work from Canadian artist Karen Konzuk

West Seattle’s Click! Design That Fits, a lifestyle and gift store carefully curated by husband and wife team Frances and John Smersh, carries a wide variety of interesting, beautiful and functional things, including the work of Canadian artist Karen Konzuk, whose newest collection of gold and concrete jewelry is creating quite a stir. Read more »


The Must List: An Epic Plant Sale, Double Bill at the Opera and the Sunniest Opening Day Ever

Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale plants
Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale takes place May 4-5.

Tilth Plant Sale
Read more »