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Destination Station at the Pacific Science Center

Destination Station Pacific Science Center Seattle magazine

The closest I’ve ever come to intergalactic space travel was in third grade. My signature, along with a few hundred other scrawled names in pencil, traveled alongside a NASA satellite as part of a program to educate schoolchildren about the space flight program. While there’s no way to tell if my signature actually made it to space, I feel confident telling people (and listing on my resume?) that I have experience with basic aeronautics and space travel. Read more »


Kassie Keith's Emporium of Marvelous Things

It's Sea Time. Get it?

There are some awesome places in White Center (a great coffee shop, a cool bar with delicious food, a killer pizza place, some darn good ice cream, an old-school roller rink and some of the best Salvadorean&n Read more »

Five Fantastically Comfortable Seattle Bar Stools

A.J. Rathbun
Comfy bar stools seattle cocktail bars in seattle
The Brooklyn has some of the comfiest, coziest bar stools around

There are many good bars in Seattle—spots that pour the perfect cocktail, or the tastiest craft beer or serve up the most scrumptious happy hour snacks. But when you really want to belly right up to the bar and settle in close to the bartender (and I can’t think of anything better), it’s good to know which bars have the coziest seats. This seems a somewhat personal question —as individual posteriors are, well, individual— but I’ve asked some local bar and lounge lovers to try and get a handle on some top bar stools. Read more »


Junuary Sale at Riversong

Save on bright baubles to beat the June gloom at River Song

We've lucked out with the weather so far this June, but that hasn't stopped River Burke, designer and owner of River Song jewelery and store in Madison Valley, from embracing the traditional June Gloom with a big old sale. From now until June 28, save up to 40 percent off in-store purchases and a flat 30 percent when shopping online (use code JUNEGLOOM). We're loving her sunny fiesta of spring style.

Hawaiian Celebrity Chef Sam Choy Rolling Into Seattle With New Food Truck

Leslie Kelly

Sam Choy is such a tease.

The celebrity chef from Hawaii has been Tweeting about rolling out a food truck in Seattle:

“Sam Choy's bringing island favorites & more for you to enjoy. We cooking up Loco Moco, Kalua Pork, lots of Poke & other great dishes. Mo Poke, Mo Betta!”

The huggable Choy is known as the Godfather of Poke and that’s going to be the star attraction and the name of the new truck, Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max. Read more »