Scoop Blog Archive / July 2013

Summer Skin Savers

All in One Refresh Gel from Koh Gen Do, $38 at Barneys

No matter how often I apply and reapply sunscreen, all that exposure to the blaring sun takes its toll on my skin, reddening it like a lobster. But it's not like I'm going to stay inside on these beautiful days—a girl needs her vitamin D. The reps from my favorite luxe skin care line, Koh Gen Do sent over a timely email extolling the virtues of two new products, perfect for soothing sizzled skin. Read more »


The Life Aquatic: Kayak Rental at Golden Gardens

Kayaking in Seattle Ballard Kayaks Seattle magazine
Fido can certainly come along on your kayak excursion

Ballard Kayaks, the company that offers kayak rentals and tours, has hoisted its big blue tent on the south end of the beach at Golden Gardens just in time to help you quench your recreation and Vitamin D needs. Outdoorsy types: Stop by BK’s beach outpost to rent a kayak ($25 per hour) and head out for an independent exploration of the Puget Sound waters. Less experienced kayakers can sign up for guided tours (starting at $35 per hour) that troll throughout various destinations around the Sound. On our to-do list? Read more »


Safeco Field Has an Amazing Beer Selection

Lauren Mang
Safeco Field Brewery Night Seattle magazine
Fremont Brewing will pour at Safeco Field's Brewery Night on Wednesday, July 10

The Mariners may have lost to the Chicago Cubs 5-3 at Saturday's Turn Back the Clock game, but I still managed to have plenty of old-timey, sepia-toned fun in the stands. (The sheer amount of Cubs fans present was a bit bizarre, however.) Read more »


Floor with a View

Lauren Mang
Sky View Observatory good views Seattle best view in Seattle
Stunning Seattle views from the Sky View Observatory on the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center building

I once had a group of tourists stop me on the street and ask where they could find the best sky-high views of Seattle. Being a newbie to the city (and generally terrible at coming up with ideas when put on the spot), I blurted out Space Needle and kept walking. A fine suggestion, of course. But had I actually paid attention when my husband was researching places to take our oodles of out-of-town visitors (funny, we never had so many when we lived in Dallas), I could have directed my street inquisitors to the Sky View Observatory on the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center building. Read more »


Le Pichet, Presse Chef Hosting Nicoise Cooking Classes

Jim Drohman in the kitchen at Mallet

In researching my roundup of artisanal, scratch cooking classes in this month's magazine, I found a Fall City cheesemaker who goes way beyond fresh goat cheeses and mozzarella (essentially starter cheeses) to teach the craft of Tallegio, Manchego and Stilton-making. I found Northwest cooking legend Bruce Naftaly alive and well in Ballard, teaching proper buerre sauces to hungry students nearly every weekend. Read more »