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Kimberly Baker Opens Ship Song in Former Hip Zephyr Space

Kimberly Baker moves into Phinney Ridge

Jewelry designer Kimberly Baker has moved her shop a few times, from Fremont to Green Lake, and has now landed (or moored, as the case may be) in Phinney Ridge. Her new shop, Ship Song (hence the moored reference) is taking full advantage of the prime corner shop recently vacated by Hip Zephyr (who has decamped to Mercer Island), maximizing the small footprint into a sunny accessories boutique. Read more »

The Must List: Capitol Hill Block Party, Arts in Bellevue and a Just Opened Online Jewelry Shop

The Capitol Hill Block Party takes over the Pike/Pine corridor starting Friday, July 26

Must Rock
Capitol Hill Block Party

(7/26 to 7/28, times vary) — It’s the sweatiest, loudest, most rockin’ party of the summer, when local musicians and the hipsters who love them swarm Capitol Hill’s Pike/Pine corridor. With more than 60 bands (including The Flaming Lips!) performing over three days, this is musical mayhem you don’t want to miss. The three-day pass has already sold out, but single-day tickets are there for the taking. Read more »


The Best Photos From Last Night's Not-so-secret Macklemore Video Shoot

Lauren Mang

There have been oodles of ceiling references swirling about the Internets this morning ("the ceiling did hold them after all!"), due to Macklemore et al filming a video on top of Dick's Drive-In in Capitol Hill. (Underneath rock-dwellers: His song "Can't Hold Us" mentions that, in fact, a ceiling perhaps may not hold them.) Read more »


Make Room for White Space

The Arrowhead Horseshoe necklace from White Space, $128

Magnolia-based, New York transplant designer Khadjiah Fulton has just launched White Space, a pretty, pretty jewelry line consisting of sweet, minimalistic, slightly rough-hewn pieces with a chic and modern sensibility.

I’m in love. This gal’s work is fantastic. Read more »

Dandy Outdoor Cocktailing Spots

A.J. Rathbun
Order up a rummy concoction at Belltown's Innkeeper

As we bask in a nearly unprecedented stretch of amazing weather (it feels like we’ve had pretty swell temps since May and that we missed “June-uaray” altogether), it’s best to have a good handle on some fine outdoor cocktail spots. While the backyard is nice, sometimes you want to get out and let someone else do the shaking. Also, these are great spots to take out-of-town visitors who must experience Seattle’s wonderful summer. Read more »