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Amazon Opens Fine Art Store (Wine and Cheese Not Included)

Amazon Fine Art's "In Room" simulator, with Jeff Fontaine's mixed media "A12"

Amazon Fine Art (beta) launched today, right on the heels of the gigantic news that Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post (not a copy of the newspaper, but the entire newspaper). The timing has many people fretting about Bezos becoming king of the world, but until that happens we might as well explore the new art offerings at Amazon. Read more »

Choke Shirt Company Makes Totes

Three of Choke Shirt Company's most popular designs are now available on totally cute tote bags

In a continuation of our nautical-themed summer, check out these tote bags by Seattle-based Choke Shirt Company. Made out of durable cotton canvas, with sturdy webbed handles and a contrasting lining and adorned with three of the company's most popular designs (an anchor, a dodo bird listening to a Walkman and an elephant), these bags are just about perfect for trips to the beach, the store or anywhere, really. Read more »

Shop Rivet & Sway’s New Fall Collection Today

The Ticker Tape frame style in Rivet & Sway's new collection

I don’t need glasses, but with today’s (August 6) release of the new fall collection from local eyewear brand and online boutique Rivet & Sway, I might have to inquire about fake lenses. Read more »


Jeff Bezos Buys the Washington Post

Jeff Bezos Buys the Washington Post Seattle magazine

File this under your unpredictable, out-of-the-blue Monday afternoon news: Seattle Business magazine just blogged that founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is purchasing The Washington Post, according to the newspaper.

Seattle Business managing editor John Levesque writes: Read more »


Mossback Monday: Seafair Was a Dud, Plus Seattle Votes Tomorrow