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Brian Scheehser: Chef, Farmer And Now, Award-Winning Cheesemaker

Leslie Kelly
Chef Brian Scheehser at his farm

Congrats to Trellis chef Brian Scheehser, who recently won a second-place ribbon at the annual American Cheese Society competition in Madison, Wisconsin, for a carrot-nasturtium Monterey Jack he made with Blaine Hages from Cherry Valley Dairy in Duvall.

Considering there were more than 1,800 different types of cheese entered in this prestigious competition, this is a pretty big deal. Read more »


5 Reasons To Visit Pike Place Market Right Now

Leslie Kelly
Rachel Marshall from Rachel's Ginger Beer

Yes, Pike Place Market is teeming with tourists this time of year, crowds of visitors clogging the streets and walkways, snapping shots of flying fish.

It’s mighty tempting to avoid the Market during the summer, but that would be a big mistake. As local farmers set up on the cobblestones and new places open and old favorites do a fantastic job of showcasing the best ingredients of the season, there’s really no better time to come on down.

Here are a few reasons why: Read more »


Cocktail Mixers You Should Make, Not Buy (and How to Make Them)

A.J. Rathbun
Make your own (don't buy) grenadine

In a previous post, we talked about essential bar tools you can buy. But when setting up your home bar, and especially when getting prepared to host a happening party, there are a couple mixers that I suggest you make, instead of buy. Partially because it’s fun, but also because what you buy is rarely as tasty as what you can make (at least for the below). Also, when hosting a soirée of any kind, having an ingredient you made in the drinks you serve is cool. Read more »


3 Seattle Restaurants are Nominees for Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurants

The communal table at Joule is a fine place to dine

In a run-up to announcing their Top 10 Best New Restaurants in the country, Bon Appetit has given us a peek at the 50 restaurants they whittled their list from. Read more »

The Must List: PhinneyWood Festival and One Sublime Sale

Fun times in PhinneyWood

Must Hit the Streets
PhinneyWood Summer Streets Festival

Friday (8/9, 6 to 10 p.m.) — Walkers and wheelers reign supreme during this evening-long closure of Phinney and Greenwood avenues (between 67th and 87th streets). A celebration of the season’s long, warm nights, the temporary pedestrian paradise will be punctuated with art, live music, circus performers—and, of course, street food. Read more »