Scoop Blog Archive / September 2013

Hooray For Seahawks Fans!

Leslie Kelly

Three cheers to the awesomest Seahawks fans for braving the elements on Sunday, including a dramatic, game delaying thunderstorm and shattering the make-some-noise Guinness World’s Record at an eardrum-testing 136.6 decibels. High fives and fist bumps all around!

Can some of that effusive enthusiasm be credited to the debut of the 12th Can? Sure, why not? Read more »

Searching For Aloha Spirit, Plate Lunch and Poke in Seattle

Leslie Kelly

Even with the glorious weather in the Puget Sound this past week, I’ve been suffering from a severe case of Maui withdraw since returning from a blissful trip. Read more »

The Best Places to Eat When You Have Jury Duty

A.J. Rathbun
The delicious pasta at Il Corvo

I’m patriotic as the next person, so I believe (though I may hem and haw somewhat when the summons arrives) that taking part in the judicial process is a part of being a good American citizen. However, I don’t believe you should have to chew through a bad lunch because you’re in the midst of your duty -- especially because jury duty tends to involve a nice long lunch break. With that, here are a few suggestions for satisfying lunchtime treats the next time you’re summoned to a downtown Seattle court. Read more »


Where to Taste the Flavors of Fall in Seattle

Il Corvo's pumpkin-filled tovaglioli with sage, butter and pine nuts is fall in a bowl

It's hard to know what to root for this time of year: More of this sensational summer weather, long dinners on the patio, meals at home that come together almost too easily with just a sliced ripe tomato and some cheese to start, something off of the grill for the main, and peak season fruit to finish. Or for the soothing cool mornings of autumn, sweater weather, the coziness of meandering walks through dry leaves, trips to the pumpkin patch, apple sauce and cider. Read more »

The Must List: Free Hey Marseilles Concert, Seattle Design Festival & More

Hey Marseilles

Must View
Inscape Arts Open House

Saturday (9/14, noon to 6:00 p.m.) — The former INS building turned artist hive opens its doors this weekend, inviting visitors to see (and buy!) paintings, drawings, photography, jewelry, textiles, metalwork and beyond from more than 50 Seattle artists. Read more »