Scoop Blog Archive / September 2013

Superstar Jeweler: Rachel Ravitch

This necklace is comprised of knotted hand dyed silk noile over rope, $120

Sometimes the minute I glance at a designer’s website or see their work in person a bell goes off in my brain: ding, ding, ding, we’ve got a winner. And that happened with Seattle-based jewelry maker, Rachel Ravitch.

Her work is interesting and makes a statement, but thanks to the materials she works with (leather, hand-dyed silk and horsehair), imminently wearable and somehow very soft. Read more »

Coming Soon: Hammer + Awl

Madrona's newest retail addition

Madrona’s getting a new store. The paper is almost down off the windows at Hammer + Awl, a men’s accessory boutique fixing to stock what sounds like great American-made goods for dudes, and women who like things like Olo perfume from Portland, Shinola watches, Field Notes notebooks and finery from The Portland Collection from Pendleton.

Stay tuned for news on their opening date. Read more »

Designer to Watch: Silvae

Isotria dress by Silvae, $668

It’s always exciting to get to know a new designer in town, and I’m particularly excited about Debbie Robert’s just-launched line, Silvae (Latin for “of the woods”).

Roberts looks to the terrain of the Pacific Northwest for her muse, blending organic elements with excellent fit and construction to create a collection that is at once innovative, completely on-trend, familiar, exciting and easy to see being worn by today’s girl-on-the-street (probably a Capitol Hill street). Read more »

Canlis Helps Steer Cool Wine Project To Benefit Queen Anne Farmers Market

Leslie Kelly

It’s been said that summer’s not over until the last bottle of rose is drained. So, the recent arrival of a special pink wine benefiting the Queen Anne Farmers Market makes sipping for a great cause even sweeter. Read more »


Seattle Magazine Gets the First Official Taste of the Ben & Jerry's Seattle-Themed Ice Cream Flavor

The yet-to-be-named Seattle-inspired ice cream flavor from Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's asked us to be the lucky bunch to taste--for the first time ever--the new Ben & Jerry's Seattle-inspired ice cream flavor. So what does Seattle taste like in frozen form? Drum's a vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookies and Caffe Vita-infused Theo Chocolate with a caramel drizzle. Read more »