Scoop Blog Archive / December 2013

Swedish Brand Fjällräven Opens Seattle Store

The iconic Kånken backpack, $75

Swedish heritage brand, Fjällräven, is opening their first West Coast store in downtown Seattle Thursday, December 19. Located at 1113 First Avenue, next to Jack Straw and A Mano, Fjällräven has been known for their colorful and high-quality outdoor gear and accessories since it launched in 1960. Read more »

Tom Douglas' Serious Pie & Biscuit Expands, 19th & Mercer Development Opening News

Serious pie & bisuit expanding 19th and mercer seattle magazine
Josh Johnson tosses dough at Serious Pie in Westlake

Serious Expansion Read more »


Delicious Locally Crafted Food & Drink Gifts for Friends and Hosts

Find a something unusually tasty for your host at Marx Foods

It seems a bit fuddy-duddy to say "hostess gift," but many of us will be attending holiday parties in the coming weeks and no one wants to show up empty handed. So here, a few delicious food (and drink) ideas for what to bring. They'll appreciate more than just the thought.

Seattle Sweets & Co. caramels available at Sweet Mickey's in Ballard. I prefer the plain, salted version, but you can purchase an assortment with all sorts of intriguing flavors (black pepper grapefruit!). Read more »

Closed Circuit Shop at Love City Love

Porcelain fortune cookies by Aleksandra Pollner

The weekend of December 21 and 22 is crucial in your efforts to wrap up your holiday shopping in peace, sans the panic that sets in as the big day closes in. Luckily Love City Love, a Cap Hill event space at 501 E Pike St. run by photographer, artist and skateboarder Lucien Pellegrin, is hosting an extended weekend of shopping called Closed Circuit Shop for your gift-giving needs. Read more »

Mossback Monday: China Shuts Down Geoduck Trade, Superstars Return to Seattle Sports

Knute Berger
China has banned geoduck trade from the Puget Sound