Scoop Blog Archive / January 2014

Get Some Remodeling Inspiration at the Neil Kelly Showroom Grand Opening this Saturday

If you want to take your general remodel noodling to the next level, head to the Seattle Design Center's grand opening of the Neil Kelly showroom (Georgetown, 5959 Corson Ave. S, Suite B; 206.343.2822; this Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Read more »


SJP Collection to Launch at Nordstrom

Sarah Jessica Parker in shoe heaven

The news is out already, Sarah Jessica Parker is launching her shoe, handbag and single trench coat line exclusively at Nordstrom and on February 28—it’s been all over the national fashion press. Which is very exciting news for fans of the Sex and the City actress who can do no wrong in many of our eyes when it comes to her sartorial choices. Read more »

Building Buzz: Temper Jewelry

Look good while doing good: the perfect proposition

Temper jewelry is another in a growing list of fair trade, philanthropic partnerships producing extremely hip designs (see Uxibal and Thread & Loom). The brand, debuting on February 3, is designed in Seattle, but made by artisans in Cambodia out of recycled bombshells, bullet casings and precious metals like 18k gold and platinum. Read more »

SODO Apparel Lands Outside Westlake Center

Look for this tricked out shipping container outside of Westlake Center until February 10

If you’ve driven by or ambled past Westlake Center recently, you’ve probably noticed a huge shipping container kitted out for SODO Apparel, new men’s fitness clothing company. (Unless you’ve been distracted by the new Zara’s progress, there’s been some movement on that front—stay tuned for a big announcement SOON!!) Read more »


3 Significant Seattle Sales

A selection of tiny treasures on sale at Essenza

A few stragglers in the sale department, but they’re good ones.

Stop the presses, this is a noteworthy sale: Essenza is offering 30 to 50 percent off of select jewelry from Meliisa Joy Manning, Margaret Solow and Mizuki and more. Not sure I’ve ever heard of Essenza having a sale on their fine jewelry. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to stock up on the subtle, but chic pieces Essenza is known for. Read more »