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Mossback Holiday Weekend Edition: Weed Fairy Visits Seattle, Ballmer's Negotiations Over the Clippers

Knute Berger
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Will Steve Ballmer buy the Clippers franchise?

Totokaelo Art and Object Sale

Score & Solder 22 Table Rhombus Planter, $119, was $170

In addition to a lovely blog post in T Magazine today extolling the virtues of Seattle, Jill Wenger has put some things on sale at Art and Object. We know what we're doing this long weekend...

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Seattle Happy Hours: A.J. Rathbun Picks Four of His Favorites

A.J. Rathbun
best happy hours in seattle happy hours seattle magazine
Teachers Lounge in Greenwood

There is nothing like happy hour. An hour, maybe an hour and a half, between the workday rigors and the calm of a nice evening at home; it almost feels as necessary as breakfast. To really be a great happy hour spot, in my opinion, a bar must fit a few criteria. First, it must have great cocktails (beer and wine, both of which I love, are neither historical nor ideal happy hour drinks). Read more »

Restaurant Openings, Closings & More

Julien Perry

Keeping track of restaurant news can be a daunting task. Here's a round-up from the past week to help you manage.

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Seattle Mariners Turn Back the Clock, a New Must-See Sculpture Downtown and Four Party Drinks to Make on Memorial Day

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Seattle's version of Echo (this one pictured in New York) was just installed at Olympic Sculpture Park

Must Marvel
The Olympic Sculpture Park Gets a Head

Step aside, Ferris wheel. “Echo,” the new, 46-foot-tall white head—just installed at the shoreline of the Olympic Sculpture Park—faces the Olympic Mountains and serves as a serene beacon for everyone from Puget Sound sailors to Myrtle Edwards joggers. Read more »