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Live, Love, Loft

A little sparkle with your skirt? Loving Loft's Holiday looks.

If you haven't been for a while, Loft will surprise you. This holiday, they're putting on the bling with sequins, feathers and bright colors—in all the right proportions—and perfect for our unique casual-chic lifestyle here in Seattle. Read more »


Hointer: German Robots Make Shopping Fun for Men

Sales people are eliminated in the shopping equation at Hointer

You can recognize him by his over-worn denim (but not the stylish kind) and by how his eyes dart towards the nearest exit when you mention the “s-word.” Yes, he’s one of those men afraid of shopping. Maybe he hates crowds, or is overwhelmed by the choices, or dreads the laser eye of the shopkeeper, but he’ll avoid replacing those jeans until the last possible moment. Read more »


Seattle's Stunning Modern Jewelry Movement

Helsinki from Twin Within
From Iceland with love. One of the sisters from Twin Within now lives in Seattle.

In the spirit of "a picture is worth a thousand words" peruse these images of this batch of new-to-me (and maybe you, too) Seattle-based jewelers.

Click on the links below to visit their websites for more info on the artists if their vibe strikes your fancy.


Twin Within


  Read more »



Is Warm the new Kai? And Other Fragrance News

Slather this on and be transported to a tropical isle

There was a day when you couldn’t shop a boutique that didn’t have the Kai line of perfume, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, even deodorant. This blend of exotic flowers, reminiscent of gardenia, jasmine, plumaria and pikake is a winner and appeals to a broad range of women. Everyone loves it. Read more »



The Blak/Designmart

Chalk-It-To-Me Piggy Bank from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio: Black as moonless midnight

This weekend, December 15 and 16 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., more than 30 emerging product, jewelry, textile and furniture designers will gather at the Caffe Vita bean room in a creative convergence of epic proportions, called The Blak/Designmart. Read more »